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Driven by personal experience, I’m a Health Coach who has triumphed over postpartum depression and anxiety. Motivated by a desire to support and empower women, I am dedicated to guiding moms in their journey of finding peace, joy, and fulfillment amidst the challenges of motherhood.

I'm Arielle

certified health coach

my own journey has been quite the roller coaster, having battled postpartum depression and anxiety not once but twice. 

It was through these challenges that I discovered my true calling - to serve and support other moms on their mental health journeys.

As the host of the podcast "Defeat Postpartum Depression with Arielle Wozniak," I've connected with thousands of listeners across five countries. It's been heartwarming to see how my relatable conversations have resonated deeply with moms seeking solace and understanding.

I'm not just someone who's been through it; I'm also a certified Health Coach, combining my lived experience with professional knowledge to offer a holistic approach to mental health coaching. What sets me apart is my commitment to guiding women towards peace and joy without relying on medication.

My approach is warm, genuine, and infused with humor. I believe in the power of connection and strive to create a safe, non-judgmental space for my clients. Drawing from my faith, I operate from a biblical perspective, providing a unique option for those seeking mental health support aligned with their spiritual beliefs.

Determined to break the stigma around mental health and offer hope to as many women as possible, I've become the person I needed during my darkest times. Now I walk alongside my clients, empowering them to recognize their inner strength and guiding them towards their own healing and transformation.

My vision is a future where more women discover their inherent resilience and find lasting peace amidst the challenges of motherhood. With my unwavering dedication and faith-infused approach, I hope to rewrite the narrative around maternal mental health, one life at a time. Together, let's conquer the highs and lows of motherhood and find the joy and healing you desire.


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Raising up the next generation (my little crew)

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Baking, binge watching shows with my husband, homemade ice cream

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Anywhere with my family, sunshine and water!

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I’m fun (at least to me), I love to laugh and make other people laugh

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I’m more of a tea girl, I love a good piping hot Earl Grey, no matter the weather

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I’d love to visit Greece, I also used to think I wanted to skydive, but that’s now a hard no for me


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