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bridge the gap in postpartum mental health care for your patients.

Do you ever feel like your busy schedule limits the time you can devote to fully addressing postpartum mental health during checkups?

You're not alone, many physicians face this challenge. The current healthcare system can leave your patients feeling frustrated and like they have to find the support they need on their own. 

As a doctor, your time is at a premium. In your patient encounters, you may only have a brief window to address immediate concerns, but some of your patients need ongoing guidance, support, and personalized strategies to navigate the complexities of managing postpartum depression effectively.

That's exactly where I come in!

As a health coach for prenatal and postpartum moms, my job is to bridge the gap in mental health support by providing a safe and supportive space for your patients to navigate the emotional and mental challenges of motherhood.

 I equip them with the tools and strategies they need to understand and manage postpartum depression and anxiety, using self-help CBT techniques and developing coping skills. This empowers them to build resilience and thrive throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

I can help your patients bridge the health care gap.

Improve mental health outcomes for your patients.
Catch potential cases of postpartum depression or anxiety that might be missed in a busy clinical setting.

Equip patients with tools and strategies to manage symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety.

Free up valuable appointment time by offering a comprehensive resource for postpartum mental health support.

Provide ongoing support and guidance beyond limited postpartum check-ups.

Increase your own revenue potential, by freeing up your available time for more visits.

Why would you want to refer your patients to a health coach?

Research is beginning to show that patient outcomes improve with health coaching. 

In fact, the American Medical Association has this to say:

"Health coaching is a team-based approach that helps patients gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become active participants in their care. The old saying, “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime” demonstrates the difference between rescuing a patient and coaching a patient. Patients with chronic conditions need to learn how to fish. Health coaching can be supplemented with health literacy strategies and effective communication techniques, such as ask-tell-ask, teach-back and/or action planning to ensure patient comprehension of their care plans and help them achieve their goals."



What my clients say...

molly B.

ruth s.

I was at my lowest point before coaching. A point I never even knew was possible for me to get to. I was deep in postpartum depression and everyone kept telling me it would get better but I couldn't see it, or believe it. I did get better. I started therapy and medication, and then coaching with Arielle. Coaching was the link that brought everything together. Therapy helps long term but coaching helped me immediately. The life changes that we came up with together, that she held me accountable for, gave me immediate hope. Once you have hope, you can crawl your way out. I would 1,000% recommend Arielle to every single postpartum mother, whether you're experiencing PPD or not.

Arielle was a fantastic coach to work with!! She really helped me assess where I was struggling the most in life and how to set specific and achievable goals at each session so I had a clear idea of how to move forward. Since doing coaching with her I have more tools to utilize for my mental health, a better direction of where to go from here, and she empowered me to see that I can change and to take charge of what I can change. She was always timely for sessions, consistent with checking in when I asked, and very organized with her coaching! Would highly recommend doing coaching with her! It truly gave me clarity, direction, and hope.

How do my services work?

I work one-to-one with clients, virtually using a HIPAA compliant platform, to coach them on healthy lifestyle changes, so they can overcome any barriers standing in their way.

I help guide clients through the overall plan you have recommended, and work with them to create detailed, step-by-step action plans,

I meet with clients on a regular basis to provide accountability and constant support.

My sessions with clients are up to 90 minutes long, providing ample time for personalized attention and support.

I help each of my clients create individualized health goals, tailored to fit with their lifestyles, challenges, and needs.
I help my clients achieve their health goals, so they can return to you, their physician, with improved markers (lower EDPS score).

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Who is a good candidate for referral?

Women struggling with symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by new motherhood, or with a history of mental health concerns are prime candidates. Limited social support or a desire for proactive self-care are also indicators.

Coaching offers a complementary approach to medication by equipping women with tools and strategies to manage symptoms, build emotional resilience, and navigate the challenges of postpartum life. While some patients may not meet all these criteria, a consultation can help assess their individual needs and determine if coaching can empower them on their journey to well-being. Additionally, for those who prefer a faith-based perspective, I offer tailored options aligned with their beliefs.

How to refer

You can refer a patient directly by completing our online, HIPAA compliant referral form. Once submitted, a member of my team will reach out to your patient within 2 business days to discuss their options and initiate the intake process.

Another option for you to refer your patients to me is by sending referral information via email to To initiate the process, I will need basic patient details including their name, email address, and phone number. Additionally, if available, providing the EPDS score and reason for referral would greatly assist in understanding your patient's situation and needs more comprehensively.

Alternatively, you can order our physician referral notepad to be sent to your office at no charge. This notepad provides an easy way for you to refer patients to me. Patients can then reach out to me directly to discuss their options and initiate the intake process.

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